Design Blog #4

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 12.26.48 PM.png

In the redesign of the logo for the homepage of my website, there weren’t many extreme changes that I wanted to execute, as I feel the image of my feet in the air surrounded by flowers is representative of the reality I’m living within and the individual I am. In a sense, it evokes a sense of curiosity that is conflated with being explorative and naive, yet there is a balance and ambiguity through the flowers and the lack of identity. Overall, this image holds value to me, and it’s the first thing I want people to see when coming to my website.

However, I did make some small alterations to the website, specifically in creating a sense of cohesiveness to make the words and the image stand out together. This was done by putting white borders around both the image and the words so that they are tied together, both adding some form of meaning to one another. After putting this together, I added a small video below them, a moment that feels wistful and formative, a day spent in a tent on the coast of Big Sur, a time that for me marked the beginning of the exploration of boundaries.

Through these edits, there begins to feel a sense of personal connectivity, that I believe is created through the almost scrapbook like presence that is presented through the format of images, words, and video. I hope to continue doing this with my website, and creating pages that feel representative of myself as an individual.

For the logo edits for the multimedia project I chose to focus on a set of images I’ve collected throughout the interviews that were conducted, small symbols that felt representative of the individuals who were speaking to me. I wanted the first edit to contain some colorful components, specifically behind the words, as I feel as though Isla Vista is a colorful location, specifically during this time of the year when the plants are beginning to sprout and bloom, and a sense of new life is brought to the land. The images play with these colors, and create a small summary of the story we are pursuing as it shows the exchange of money and the creation of goods.

The title, “Alternative Means of IV,” is not secured however I thought it was simple and explained the point of the story, which can be expanded with some form of hook later as the story is written. As well as this, because of the brevity of the title, edits were able to be made that I found to be creative and engaging without containing too many words or distractions.