Design Blog #3

The goal of anything I create is for it to have some form of expression of who I am as an individual, particularly in the ability for readers and viewers to gain a deeper insight of the motivation behind the work. This is a challenge I’ve come across with designing my course blog as I’ve found it hard to implement senses of my individuality amongst writing that is often more structured and academic based, specifically writing that analyzes literature and readings assigned to the class. This is a challenge that I believe I face with every form of academic writing as there is a constant drive to create work that is unique when viewing amongst others, therefore creating something that stands out and is memorable.

The ability to create work that is memorable; isn’t that a goal all of us have? To be unique and unlike others, our work reflecting these characteristics. However, I feel as though often we get so lost in our attempt of emulating uniqueness that our work begins to be mundane, our thought processes are overwhelmed that we are unaware to allow creativity to prevail.

In terms of being successful, I think being aware of the pressure of creativity and not allowing them to restrict you has been something that I’ve allowed myself to do. I allow work to be created when I feel the creative drive behind it, rather than forcing it. Many of that is seen within this website as I still work towards constructing, however I don’t rush it because the site in itself is a representation of my creativity, and one that shouldn’t be rushed.

In more logistical goals, there is always the goal to grow from classes, specifically this Multimedia writing course as that is a field that I hope to enter after graduating from UCSB. Through my course blog I hope I am able to implement new forms of multimedia as a way of drawing interest but also improving my own skills. This also presents a challenge as I feel as though it’s difficult to implement multimedia in a blog that is asking you to primarily write, rather than create something. Through this I feel limited and constrained as I feel as though there are more engaging and interesting ways I could be providing this information, however that is something that I am conscious of and will continue to work on.

For my online profile, specifically my website and blog, I would allow myself more freedom in the implementation of interactive aspects so that visitors are engaged within the writing. This could be done with expanding comment sections or specifically asking questions within the writing so that readers have the ability to reflect and offer feedback. Within the design I’d also like to implement more video work within the posts and have more autonomy over the layout of the blog. With Square space, I’m realizing there is limited individuality in the ability to design the blog and how you would like it to look, and through that I feel restricted in the creative expression of the blog.