About Dal

La Latina, Madrid, 2018

La Latina, Madrid, 2018

There are various things I’d like people to know about me, but I guess the first is that I’m happier (and less angsty) than the image on the right makes me appear.

The second is that since I was a child, writing has been a driving force behind my development, meticulously sculpting narratives in front of my family’s box sized dell computer, cultivating stories of animals and people that never existed except for within moments in my mind. These passions followed me throughout my years, pushing me to continuously express myself in the form of words, catching myself daily scribbling in my notebook, small poems and prose that often don’t see the light of day.

There have been various other driving forces behind my development, the most important being my engagement with the sense of creativity that was instilled upon my sister and I by our mural painting mom. Days spent under the sun as she painted 9 foot tall cartoons and figures, her gentle brush strokes bringing life to what once sat blank and stagnant, taught me more than any art class I’ve ever taken. Her creativity guided me to find happiness in my ability to create; to manifest ideas of my own, to bring a sense of new life to what is missing.

Through my mother’s unwavering lessons, I’ve grown passionate about continuously learning, both at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I study, but also in my daily interactions with the world. Everyday provides new lessons, from the sounds of the birds in the trees and the waves that guide my dreams, to the words of my friends and my own thoughts, lessons are perpetually creating our identities and experiences.

If any of these words or my work has sparked interested, and you’d like to learn more, offer advice, work together, please feel free to do so in the link below: